Vocational Services

The Vocational Program at ALTEC provides individuals with an opportunity to experience employment responsibilities in a structured work environment. ALTEC strives to provide each consumer with an individualized plan and comprehensive approach in services that focus on skills developed in the following areas:

Building Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is built through the use of positive reinforcement and the sense of accomplishment that individuals feel when independently completing job operations. The staff of ALTEC has been instructed in various positive approaches and methods that will build on an individuals' self-worth.

Developing and Enhancing Communication and Social Skills

There is a focus on individual learning to communicate with his or her supervisor and co-workers. Individuals will develop viable means of communication that will enable a person to express concerns, wants and needs.

Enhancing Activities of Daily Living Skills

Consumers continue to gain knowledge of universal precautions (such as disease control and prevention), personal nutrition, personal hygiene, selecting appropriate attire and other activities of daily living skills.

Environmental Awareness

Consumers learn how to ensure their personal safety through the use of universal safety precautions. Individuals learn skills needed to cope with real life work situations.

Functional Academics

There is a continued focus on maintaining and improving learned functional academic skills such as budgeting/financial management, telling time, using a calculator, and writing out personal information.

Vocational Work Opportunities

Individuals are given the opportunity to participate in community work activities, volunteer experiences, and transitional work assignments. Individuals earn training wages while learning necessary job-related skills. A variety of hourly and piece-rate jobs are available.

Focal Groups: Civic Action Alliance- ALTEC’s Civic Action Team works towards making a difference and promoting quality of life for people in our local, national, and global community.

Check out our Civic Action PowerPoint (Empowered Citizenship through Civic Engagement) CLICK HERE To see what current events they are working on please look under the donation page.

For more information, email Amy Walters at awalters@accessservices.org

Here are some other community services that are available.