In-Home and Community Habilitation

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) provide individualized support for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. We are here to help set and achieve personal goals around the areas of daily living skills, socialization and communications with the goal of helping you live an independent life. These services take place in the home or community setting. This program supports the entire family by helping with daily care routines and fostering independence.

In-Home Supports can help individuals and families achieve goals around:

  • Establishing and participating in volunteer opportunities
  • Developing or enhancing independent living skills
  • Promoting physical wellness activities
  • General use of community resources
  • …and more!


Individuals are referred to the In-Home Supports program through the Office of Developmental Programs in their county. They are identified through the County Base Service Unit. If you are interested in In-Home Supports, speak to your appointed Supports Coordinator about becoming involved.


Direct Support Professional (DSP) Gertrude works with John to make a homemade dinner.


Direct Support Professional (DSP) Amanda works with John on reading skills.

Here are some other community services that are available.