In-Home and Community Habilitation

Individuals who receive this service will typically work one-to-one with a Direct Support Staff Professional (DSP) from ALTEC Services. The time together is designed by the individual and their team with the goal of assisting the individual acquire, maintain and improve adult daily living skills, domestic, socialization, communications and adaptive skills necessary to reside in the community. Services can also be arranged to occur in a small group setting with 3 individual and their DSP.


This service can be used for:

  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Physical and emotional wellness activities including fitness centers
  • Learning to use public transportation
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Developing or using leisure skills
  • Assistance meeting new people
  • Developing or enhancing independent living skills
  • General use of community resources

… And more!


Consideration when arranging services:

  • Provided Monday through Saturday
  • Minimum of two consecutive hours
  • Any costs over the basic services is at the expense of the individual or their family.

-this may include but is not limited to groceries needed for meal prep, use of public transportation, restaurants or recreational costs