Employment Support

ALTEC strives to provide employers and businesses with 100% satisfaction in the hiring, training and job performance of the individuals we support. The employer’s goal and mission is of top priority to ALTEC Employment Specialists.

Employment Steps:


This assessment is designed to determine an individual’s readiness for competitive employment in real-life situations in local businesses. This is also an opportunity to identify potential employment paths. Short term screening at ALTEC identified businesses will enable your Employment Specialist and you to target specific jobs as well as skills that may impact your success.


Employment Specialists want to assist you in finding the right job and will offer support in resume building, interviewing, and job searching. Job preparation and planning skills will be addressed and refined as needed.


Employment Specialists will support you through the orientation process and on-the-job training tailored to your needs. The Specialist will work alongside you and allow you to learn the job at a steady pace until independence is gained. It is critical that you achieve the performance expectations that satisfy the employer. Your Employment Specialist can assist you in using or arranging public transportation to and from your place of work.


Employment Specialists will maintain an on-going relationship with individuals to ensure proper job performance and employer satisfaction. When new tasks are assigned to you at work, ALTEC can support you as you gain the necessary skills. When appropriate, instruction on improving your employment-related personal skills can continue throughout this process. Natural supports will be secured and eventually, the individual will become independent at work, with visits from the Employment Specialist to ensure placement longevity.

For more information, email Gabriella Egan at gegan@accessservices.org

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