Life Enrichment Options

Our state licensed center provides a creative atmosphere that allows the people we serve to learn on an individual basis as well as in small groups. Supported Life Skills consists of five different learning areas that each focus on skills that prove beneficial to the individuals that we support.

Adult Daily Living

An atmosphere that promotes independence and refines skills has been created in this learning area. Daily activities in this service area address grooming and hygiene skills, meal preparation, laundry skills, safety procedures and money management. The impact these skills have in the individual’s life is self-evident.


Working on social and communication skills are made enjoyable through various planned group activities. We offer crafts, cooking projects, reading & music appreciations sessions, as well as outdoor activities to promote a well-rounded lifestyle. This service area also provides opportunities for individuals to explore current events, engage in sensory programs and practice relaxation techniques.

Physical Wellness

An increase in physical activities promotes a healthy lifestyle. A large variety of activities, equipment, and exercise classes occur daily. Physical therapy programs are implemented by trained staff under the monitoring of a licensed physical therapist.


Individuals are involved in a variety of activities that enable the person to take in sensory information, organize it and use it in their daily life. ALTEC has updated our new sensory room!

Technology and Intro to Work

Today’s world is greatly influenced by computers. We believe adults with disabilities should not be excluded in exploring all of the exciting opportunities this technology brings. In this service area, individuals are introduced to basic computer operation as well as dynamic, interactive software programs. Participants can learn to use the Internet or see themselves engaging in physical activities live via webcam.

Individuals may also select to have wage earning experiences when working in this program area. Focus will be given to developing acceptable work habits and skills.

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