Who we are

ALTEC-Topaz is dually licensed by the department of aging and the office of developmental programs. This program serves older adult individuals over the age of 50 and individuals that appreciate a customized delivery of services. Our staff to participant ratio varies from one-to-six to one-to-three, depending upon the level of support an individual may need.

Our purpose and goal is to protect the health, safety and well-being of individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities and functional impairments through the formation and implementation of purposeful and meaningful activities.

This older adult program was designed to help individuals improve and maintain their mental, physical and emotional health. We encourage independence but recognize the importance of social opportunities and friendships as we age. ALTEC does this in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment.


Our team of direct support professionals are trained by certified occupational and physical therapists to provide active treatment. It is important for individuals to stay both mentally and physically active.

Daily exercise sessions are held as well as regular dance and movement classes. Music therapy sessions are held twice a month however informal music appreciation is provided several days a week.

We offer massage therapy with a focus on the individual’s physical health issues. We provide emotional and social stimulation at a level designed to adapt to the needs of the individuals.

Memory Impairment

We specialize in providing services for individuals with a Dementia/Alzheimer’s diagnoses. The Program Director is trained in dementia care and certified in gerontology to assist in identifying the needs of the aging population. Our staff is trained in Therapeutic Options to assist and identify behavior intervention.

Nutrition Services and Support

Our staff is trained in identifying the need for swallowing evaluations and ensures that their prescribed diet consistency is followed accordingly; such as puree, chopped or whole foods.

We will work with their physicians as needed to provide the best possible care. Additionally we provide assistance and support for those individuals who may need to be fed through a feeding tube and to those with diabetic needs.

Nursing Services

A registered nurse collaborates with our professional staff to implement and review health care plans on a bi-annual basis and conducts quarterly reviews to ensure health needs are being met. With the assistance of outside health professionals, staff receives training on fall prevention, nutrition, and maintaining good physical and emotional health.

Care Management

Our experienced staff will provide assistance with transfers and toileting in a respectful and caring manner. Our goal during this process is to provide assistance with dignity and respect.

Our professional support staff is trained to administer medications for those who may need it and to monitor vital signs regularly. Respiratory needs such as oxygen care is also provided. This is one of the many ways we strive for quality care and excellence.

Therapeutic Activities

The Activities Coordinator creates a monthly calendar with input from the individuals we support in planning activities to fit everyone’s needs and interests. This calendar gives people the opportunity to view and prepare for the upcoming activities. Activities span various levels of engagement.

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