We Appreciate Your Help

Where your Donation Money will Go:

Since 1992, ALTEC has been responding to the needs of individuals and families in our community and relying primarily on government funds to fulfill this mission. These dollars do not bridge the growing gap between what people with disabilities need and what the government is willing to pay. Money we raise will support our efforts to purchase educational, recreational and therapeutic/adaptive equipment as well as to bring technology and wellness programs to the lives of people that may otherwise not be able to access these opportunities.

We Ask for Community Support in the Follow Ways:

Please visit PAR.net to view the different areas of ongoing advocacy needed in Pennsylvania on behalf of individuals with intellectual disabilities. For Governor Corbet's proposed budget for 13-14 and how it impacts this population, click on the Advocacy tab on the PAR website. As we advocate together, we can make a difference for those with intellectual disabilities.

How you can Donate:

There are many ways you can help individuals at ALTEC. We are always accepting donations of clothes, hygiene supplies and food. If you are interested in volunteering at ALTEC please visit our Contact page.

When you shop at Smile.Amazon.com a portion of your purchase will be donated to ALTEC.