Work Contracts

ALTEC Offers Assistance to Area Businesses!
ALTEC’s team of dedicated employees working in our vocational program can help your company perform: material handling, assembly, packaging, collating and mailing jobs.

Benefits to your Company Include:

  •     Value - quality work at a reasonable cost
  •     Lower Costs - from reduced employee expenses
  •     Quality Control - reliable work with established quality control procedures
  •     Experienced Work Force - in operation for over 20 years
  •     Location - work can be done at ALTEC’s vocational workshop or your place of business
  •     Delivery - pick up and delivery available
  •     Community Enrichment - contribute to your community by providing meaningful work opportunities for individuals with disabilities
  •     Satisfaction - high degree of customer satisfaction
  •     Convenient - convenient outsourcing agreements
  •     Time Effective - on-time completion guaranteed

Please consider utilizing ALTEC’s services to help your company save time and money.
For more information, call Amy Walters at 215-822-6417 ext. 201 or