July 1, 2020

ALTEC Services is now A Division of Access Services

Hilltown Older Adult Program and Employment Services office move to new facility at Topaz Drive in Hatfield.

Continual expansion of quality day services and work options for people with ID/DD

PATH (Partner in Achieving Total Health) is developed and gains success with the partnership of local fitness establishments and TJU Occupational Therapy Dept. to establish various wellness programs for individuals with ID/DD/Autism

Works with several colleges to provide internship and practicum experience to local students including an 11 year relationship with Thomas Jefferson University O.T. Department - ALTEC is recognized for placing over 60 future Occupational Therapists through this program

Opens a office location in Hilltown, Bucks Co. in response to the growing number of people requesting employment support

Employment services expands supports and makes them available to individuals with behavior health, physical and developmental disabilities

The Older Adult program provides an environment and individualized care plan for a growing segment of the disabilities community

Opens a second service location designed to meet the needs of aging individuals with ID/DD

Life Enrichment Options offer varied learning approaches are reaching a broad range of individuals

Vocational services offer individuals paid work crew experiences in local companies

A network of community based learning and volunteer opportunities are development for interested individuals

ALTEC gains a reputation for innovative and customized service designs
July 1st, 1993

ALTEC transitions the service contract previously held by Prospectus/Berco at the Colmar facility location on Advance Lane. ALTEC is privileged to provide day and employment services to 80 individuals.
Spring 1993

ALTEC awarded a contract to provide employment services to individuals with ID/DD Begins providing services to 10-12 individuals.

Co-founders Deb Kunsch and Jim McCarty establish a non-profit organization called Advance Lane Training and Employment Corp. (ALTEC)