ALTEC, designing quality day services and employment supports one person at a time!

ALTEC currently provides six services to individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism which includes: Supportive Life Skills, Vocational, Community Integration, Employment Support, Transitional Work, and Older Adult services. I encourage you to check out each area to see what would be a good fit and then schedule a tour with the corresponding director. 

Community Integrated Services - ALTEC’s Community Integrated Services help the individuals develop skills, discover new opportunities, and connect with the community. Community based learning experiences are weaved into facility services to provide individuals with a diverse and customized service. Individuals have options to participate in Tai Chi sessions, physical wellness program in local fitness center, library visits, horseback riding therapy, aquatic exercise and much more.

Life Enrichment Options - Formerly known as Supportive Life Skills, Life Enrichment Options is a state-licensed adult development center providing a positive and creative atmosphere for individual and small group instruction. This service also provides enhanced adult daily living skills, technology, physical wellness, educational, recreational, communications and social / emotional supports.

Pre-Vocational Services - ALTEC’s Pre-vocational Service allows individuals to have an opportunity to experience employment responsibilities in a structured work environment at ALTEC. ALTEC helps our consumers build work skills and habits in a structured setting that can lead to more gainful work opportunities. ALTEC also tailor their day with diverse community learning activities and in-house wage earning options.

Employment Support Services - Employment Services supports workers to meet the specific needs of many companies. Our consumers are holding jobs in clerical, custodial, light manufacturing, food, laundry, horticultural, child care and many others. There are over fifty companies in this area that recognize the merits of diversity in the workforce by employing a person supported by ALTEC.

Older Adult Day Services - ALTEC’s Older Adult Program is designed to provide a warm, relaxed and home-like environment for older adults with developmental disabilities. The major focus of the Topaz Older Adult Program is to maintain the skills, physical abilities and general well-being of the individuals we serve.

Home and Community Habilitation -  This service is designed to support individuals and their families.  We will assist with volunteer opportunities and building life skills.  This may include, but is not limited to, meal planning, shopping, cooking, money management, exercise and community experiences.